About iTeachPhotographers – The home of Photography for Beginners

“At iTeachPhotographers, I aim to provide the best quality courses and tuition in photography for beginners on the Sunshine Coast!” Geoff Powell

iTeachPhotographers – The home of Photography for Beginners

Communication has always been in my blood. Writing, music, art, photography, films.. all have been constant companions in my life. As well as photography, I delved into writing, movie-making, singing and acting during my formative years, always looking for the medium that would truly be mine. Life takes us on many interesting paths, and I was 35 before I went to university to study communication formally. I started with a writing degree, but as part of that I took photography electives, and once again, my passion with the still image was awoken at a totally different level than before. Several years later I returned to college and undertook a Diploma of Photography, and embarked on a career as a freelance photographer. Two years in, I was recruited by my former college to teach photography, and through this I had a major epiphany: that the knowledge of the art and craft of visual communication was as important to me as the act itself, and in a short time I was totally hooked on being an educator in the field. Slowly this teaching work became as important to me as my freelance work, and I soon gained my qualifications as a certified trainer and assessor.

This is where I lived for 5 years. Exploring and teaching the wonders of digital photography – the art and craft of this amazing medium – camera theory and techniques, natural and studio lighting, composition, digital processing and workflow, colour management, digital asset management, business, exhibition design and implementation, design fundamentals, web and interactive document design – basically the entire gamut relevant to the visual artist and photographer.

My strength in photography is the fact that I’m all over it. I’ve never been a specialist. It’s just not in my nature. Instead I crave a high level of understanding of ALL aspects of the craft, which has led me to being a very well rounded photographer and teacher, both from a technical and creative perspective.

After the Campbell Newman government decided TAFE photography courses weren’t important, I went to work for myself. In the last four years, I have been spreading my knowledge wider and further. I have found that the explosion in digital technologies means there are many different types of people wanting to learn about photography, not just the ones who go to college full time to learn it. Through short courses I came to realise there was a whole new class of photographer out there, armed with awesome equipment, but with a limited idea of how to use it. And so iteachphotographers.com was born; a home for Photography for Beginners – a place where people with cameras become photographers. Our core course is the Beyond the Auto Dial Beginner’s Photography Course, but we are constantly expanding and refining our offers.

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Our Beliefs & Services

Our mission at iteachphotographers.com is to provide the highest quality and most flexible photographic training, particularly for beginners, on the Sunshine Coast.

The foundation of our philosophy revolves around customer service. We treat each customer as we would treat ourselves and we always attempt to give the best value we can. We understand there are many types of photographers and many levels of budget and that you can’t force a one size fits all policy on photographic education.
Apart from teaching, we also provide professional photography and web development services. Have a look at photografica for more details.


I undertook my degree at UTS (University of Technology, Sydney) graduating in 2004 with several distinctions.
I gained my Diploma in Photography at Sunshine Coast TAFE with all graded units at distinction level.
Apart from a lifetime of growing up in and managing other retail businesses, I undertook formal Business Studies while I was undertaking my Diploma of Photography
I am a qualified Trainer and Assessor with 5 years teaching experience at Sunshine Coast TAFE
Back in 1999, when the Internet was young, I undertook a full year Information Technology course, learning how to write html by hand and exploring information technology. Apart from formal qualifications in this field, I have been a constant and inquisitive user of computers and the internet since 1993.
iTeachPhotographers – The home of Photography for Beginners

Photography for Beginners – What do we offer?

When it comes to individual tuition of photography for beginners, I can tailor a package to suit your needs and requirements. Just ask!

I offer the best beginners photography course on the Coast. Read more here!

Before you buy that new camera, I can advise you on some of the better models in the segment that best suits your needs. I have an extensive knowledge of camera models and keep my knowledge constantly up to date.