Beginners Photography Course Sunshine Coast – Beyond the Auto Dial

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Next Beginners Photography Course - Monday the 3rd of September 2019 @ Studio Focus, Maroochydore

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This 4 week beginners course is designed for digital slr camera owners who want to move beyond the Auto dial and explore the creativity of photography.

Topics explored in this workshop include:

  • basic camera operation – buttons & dials
  • exposure – letting the right amount of light in
  • dynamic range – how much light can a camera record
  • aperture, shutter speed and ISO – the different ways light comes in
  • metering – how the camera measures light
  • metering modes – how to choose which one to use
  • white balance – what it does & how to use it
  • exposure compensation – adjusting exposure
  • shooting modes – manual, auto or semi-automatic
  • review options – histograms and other info
  • composition – design tools for photography
  • lenses -which focal length suits the job
  • focusing – auto, manual, selecting focus points
  • portraiture – a step by step process to better portraits
  • landscapes – some things you need to know
  • low light – difficulties and opportunities
  • jpg vs. raw – what file format to shoot in

The Beginners Photography Course Sunshine Coast is a 4-week intensive photography course designed for owners of digital slr, mirrorless and advanced compact cameras who are just starting out in photography and want to move away from the Auto dial and actually understand what their camera can do. This workshop is not suitable for owners of fully automatic compact cameras. Instead, please see my individual training page.

The course starts at the start, with an informative and accessible 3-hour theory and practical session covering the basics of photography and camera usage and continues over the four weeks to cover a huge variety of topics. The course also includes a few easy to complete homework elements and a three hour on location shoot to embed all that new knowledge.

Why not a weekend course?

Many others offer two-day weekend courses, but I have structured my courses to best suit my students. I have found that many people cannot stay focused the entire day, and also by spreading the course over 4 weeks allows them ample time to embed all the new knowledge and practice in between classes.

REQUIREMENTS: Participants will need a digital slr and their camera manual. A tripod is also recommended.

RESOURCES: Participants in the course will also receive full course digital notes.

PRICE: The price of this 4-week  course is only $299 per person. Considering the price of a digital camera and lens, this is a very affordable investment in your abilities to use that expensive gear and get good results.

Full payment is required in advance of the workshop to secure your spot. Easy online payment is offered below. Please read our terms and conditions before booking!

Course Timetable

Saturday Courses run from 9-12pm or 1-4pm
Weeknight courses run from 6-9pm

Next Course

Monday the 3rd of September – 6-9pm
Monday the 10th of September – 6-9pm
Saturday the 15th of September – 4.00pm -6.00pm (Prac session)
Monday the 17th of September – 6-9pm