Konversai is an interesting new concept on the Interwebs.

Their slogan is “Let’s Talk… on live video about anything, with anyone, anywhere”

What an awesome concept. Being a photographer and educator, I already have an online presence, but I’m always looking for ways to leverage the power of the Internet to connect with more people. I am developing online courses as we speak, but that is an arduous and expensive process.

Konversai’s idea is to link people together. Nothing new there you might say. No, there’s great money and awesome service if you can do that successfully. Look at airbnb as an example. They don’t sell anything, just hook people up.

On the Konversai Facebook page, they say this: “The dramatic rise of social media underscores deep longing for human connections. At the same time, we’re in the midst of a fundamental shift in how we work. More and more people are engaging in or experimenting with intermittent, freelance and part-time work – creating a new “gig” economy.
Konversai joins these two trends to create a new social and financial model – a Knowledge Economy. Konversai is the first platform that enables ANYONE, ANYWHERE to create connections, have conversations and make or donate money from their experiences and knowledge. Quite simply, Konversai is monetizing Human Intelligence by combining the financial power of the peer-to-peer gig economy with the trust and satisfaction that comes from face-to-face live conversations.”

Sound interesting? I think so.

So what’s this got to do with photography? Well for a start I’m available on Konversai. I haven’t set much up yet, but I certainly will.

Also, there’s a great photography contest on right now, where you could win $1,000. Not too shabby.

So have a look. Maybe hook up with me for a lesson. Or teach something you know. It’s all about sharing. I love it.