Photography Teaching Sunshine Coast – Some recent testimonials

Stacy - Zero to Hero Professional Photography Certificate Course
Highly recommended! Geoff was an extremely professional teacher, his material was clear and concise.  The most practical training I have ever received and presented in a very user friendly way.
Carla Ghysels, CG Pet Photography
Thank you so much for all your help, support and guidance… You are a brilliant teacher and we were all so lucky to have you. Your enthusiasm in the way you teach and the passion you show for all your students are such inspirational qualities!
Candi Hayward, Candi Photography
We asked Geoff to come in and teach us on an intermediate level, after the first class we all realised we were beginners and as a result started from scratch. It was so good to go back to basics we all learnt a great deal and at the end of the course all were taking photos far better than we ever expected. We are looking at utilising Geoff’s experience and teaching methods again this year to get us to the next level and improve our skills!
Michael Broeren, M Design
Geoff is a brilliant teacher who is passionate and very, very knowledgeable about photography. But even more. he is passionate about his teaching. He really cares, and does his best to make sure everyone gets the most out of his courses. Highly recommended!
Heidi Cooper, Style Studios
Geoff was an outstanding teacher. I found his knowledge in Photoshop, Bridge and Lighting extensive, current and thorough. Geoff was great in providing constructive feedback. He even had the patience to teach me how to build my own website, which was invaluable. I would recommend Geoff as an excellent tutor to anyone who is looking for a career in photography!
Tash Ballantyne
Thanks for providing excellent teaching and inspiring mentoring. My photographic knowledge and skills have improved so much from your insightful presentations, hands-on demonstrations and exercises. Your passion for keeping up with the latest photographic technologies and trends just shows how much you love your work, and your craft.
Dr. Merlin Winten
You are an awesome teacher and I appreciate you teaching me about constructive criticism and how to take a great shot!
Rianna Bartlett, Oyster Photography
Thanks Geoff – it was a great class! Delighted to have been part of it!
David Hain, Market One
I was relieved that you were always very supportive, never critical, of even your most demanding or ‘technologically-challenged’ students with some great advice and feedback, even on our best shoots… I would recommend Geoff’s tutelage to any aspiring photographer – from beginner to advanced enthusiast.. thanks again!
Amy Merlin
Geoff’s passion and enthusiasm for photography creates an exciting and rewarding learning environment. His knowledge, organisation and commitment to helping his students achieve their photographic vision is impressive. I still hear his ‘tutoring’ in my head now, 2 years after having attended his classes and my own photographic skills and workflow have excelled as a result. I look forward to attending more of Geoff’s classes in the future!
Michelle Duggan, Paul Smith Photography
Just wanted to say I really enjoyed your teaching and honestly learnt so much…!
Barry Alsop, Eyes Wide Open Images
Teachers with this passion are rare.  I highly recommend Geoff’s tutelage and will employ his skill again in the coming months!
Trish Rudd, Dreams Photoimaging
Dedicated, professional, inspirational. I came away from Geoff’s class feeling inspired to try new styles and interesting techniques in photography. He has taken me down different paths in photography I thought I was never interested in.
Philip Marschke, PhilM Photography