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The next course starts on Saturday, the 6th of April 2019. (SORRY, THIS COURSE HAS BEEN CANCELLED DUE TO HEALTH REASONS)


Intermediate Photography Course – Sunshine Coast

Once you have the basics of photography under your belt, it’s time to turn towards your own interests. What is it you like to do with photography? Do you want to create beautiful landscapes to print and hang at home? Or do you want to create a fabulous portrait book for yourself or to send to a family member? Perhaps you want to build a portfolio of images for a website or a series of macro insect shots that will stun your friends. Maybe you just want to produce a couple of seriously amazing art pieces and want to really develop and work on a few visual concepts.

Whatever you want to do with your photography, you can do it with this course. It is a five-week Intermediate, project-based course, where you come up with your own project, and you get mentoring, tutoring and support the whole way. We will cover more advanced photographic techniques that apply to your particular project, as well as digital asset management and image processing techniques, and you will also learn by following the other students’ projects along the way.

This class is limited to 8 people. Digital notes will be supplied, as well as phone and email access to your tutor throughout the course. Just think what you can do if you apply yourself to a project with the help and support of a professional photographer and teacher. I have had more than 8 years experience teaching photographers, helping people develop visually driven concepts and ideas, techniques and folios, as well as judging prints and projects. My Communications background gives me a unique perspective to assess and assist in both the overall visual expression and the specific photographic techniques and awareness that will enable you to produce work of the highest quality.

This course requires a big engagement and commitment from the students, but also offers an amazing reward. If you want to turbo boost your photographic development, and you have the drive and desire to contribute to that aim, then this course is for you.

This course is automatically open to anyone who has done my Beginner’s Course. But if you consider yourself an Intermediate level photographer, you are also welcome to attend. Just be sure that you can control your camera in both semi-automatic and manual modes and have a basic theoretical knowledge of how a camera works, and exposure and composition etc.. While it is a flexible learning course, we won’t have a lot of time for fundamental basics.

If you’re not sure about your project, give me a call on 0414 417 213 to discuss. It’s always beneficial to have a direction in photography, but sometimes narrow specifics are not necessary. The investment for this course is $349.

Geoff Powell


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