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Beginners Photography – Beyond the Auto Dial


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Photography Courses Sunshine Coast – Beyond the Auto Dial

This class is designed for digital slr, mirrorless and advanced compact camera owners who want to move beyond the Auto dial and explore the creativity of photography.

Location: Studio Focus, 4/12 Newspaper Place, Maroochydore.

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Monday the 3rd of September (evening course – 6pm – 9pm)
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Beginners Photography Course Sunshine Coast – Beyond the Auto Dial

Photography Course Sunshine Coast – Beyond the Auto Dial: This core class is designed for digital slr, mirrorless and advanced compact camera owners who want to move beyond the Auto dial and explore the creativity of photography.

In a series of 4 x 3 hour classes ( including a 3hr practical shoot plus small assignments), we explore the camera and how it fundamentally works, going into detail about the functions that enable creativity in photography.

In the first week, we look at aperture, shutter speed and ISO, and how these 3 ways that light enters the camera are the foundation of photography and the most important parts of a camera to learn and understand.

We look at the various shooting modes on a camera and discover when and why each one is best used. Over the course of 4 weeks,  we cover enormous ground, from portraiture to composition, lighting, metering modes, focussing and so much more.

For more details, please view the Beginners Photography page.
To view more of Geoff Powell’s work, please visit his professional photography site, Geoff Powell Photography

5 reviews for Beginners Photography – Beyond the Auto Dial

  1. Yurely Jimenez

    I had a wonderful time learning photographic basics, understanding my camera and meeting great people, now I am more confident on how to use it and what to look at for getting decent photos… Not that I have succeed yet… But I definitely want to keep learning more… In a nut shell, I believe you have been very successful with the objective of your course of letting people go beyond the Auto dial mode and engage with creative photography…

  2. Tony Fardon (verified owner)

    I thought this course was just great! I learnt so much in such a short time. The course is outstanding value and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to find out how to take good photographs. I am now finally enjoying using my camera after years of only photographing on the full auto mode. It is now interesting to experiment and see what happens when I change things around. I am now really curious to see what photographs I can produce using the different modes. I am also printing off what I think are the good photographs I have taken. And although it is very early days I also have purchased an Adobe photoshop subscription to help me improve the shots before printing! Thanks very much Geoff!

  3. Tony Jamieson (verified owner)

    Great course. I really enjoyed the content and Geoffs teaching style. It wasn’t too technical and I am getting whole lot more out of my camera. I am looking forward to completing a more advanced course with Geoff at a later date. Highly recommended.

  4. David Butler (verified owner)

    A wide-ranging course that was refreshingly free of technical jargon and that was pitched at the layperson/beginner. I thought Geoff brought together all the elements of the course very nicely on our field outing – the penny dropped and it all made sense. I enjoyed this course very much and Geoff has a pleasing interactive style that kept the interest levels high. I would strongly recommend this course for the beginner for it lays out the basic principles of photography is an informative and easily digestible fashion.

  5. Jessie Rahilly (verified owner)

    thank you Geoff. I found the beginners course to be inspiring and motivating, vey helpful and learnt a lot about my camera .I have learnt new skills to continue this filed of work and also to be more creative. This course is amazing for anyone whom wants to learn more about the use of the camera its secrets the hidden talents you may have especially after completing this course you will.I highly recommend this course and any of Geoffs courses he has on offer as a teacher he is patient and inspiring .

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