Sunshine Coast Photography Lessons – iTeachPhotographers is all about providing you the training you need! We offer a range of services to suit your budget, requirements and time! See below for a summary of what we offer or ring us on 0414 417 213 to discuss any of your needs further.

Sunshine Coast Photography lessons – Individual, one on one. photography tuition is without a doubt the quickest way to learn photography. It is focussed and customised to your specific needs.

We can create a flexible mixture of theory and practice, customised to your interests. By first covering the theory and then applying that theory in a practical real world situation, the learning curve is maximised. Lessons can be at our place, your place or on location, or a combination of the two.

From a quick brush up on forgotten skills, adding new skills, or a tailored individual program taking you as far as you want to go, we can offer you the best quality and best value training on the Coast.

Please see my raves page for some recent testimonials from previous students.

Individual tuition prices vary. For a single hour of tuition at our premises in Noosaville, my fee is $75. Two hours is $150. For best value, 2 x 2-hour sessions pre-paid, is a very affordable $250 (only $62.50 an hour). Sometimes, I run specials on one on one tuition, so it can be even cheaper at times. Sign up to the newsletter or like me on Facebook to keep up with those.

If you need me to come to your place, I need to add $30 per session to cover travel times and expenses. This service is only available in the Sunshine Coast area.

Group Tuition – Group based photographic lessons is the most affordable way to learn photography, while still receiving a customised training program.

With a group of 4, we can make photography training super affordable, whilst not compromising individual needs. We can customise a package that will teach you what you need to progress with your photography.

For a minimum of 3 hours for 4 people  we can offer customised photography lessons for as little as $20 per hour per person!! This is great value and very favourable in price to both private and institutional courses on the Coast, but they have will generally have 12 or more people in a class, and often run at unsuitable times and venues.

With our group lessons, they can be wherever and whenever it suits your group, and the curriculum is customised to suit your needs!

Call me today on 0414 417 213 to discuss getting your own private photography group off the ground!

Corporate Training – Does your business use photography regularly but want to keep it in-house?

As a certified trainer (B.A Comm, Dip Photo, Cert IV TAE) with over 5 years teaching experience,  Geoff Powell, can analyse the needs of your business and develop a training module specifically for the skill set your business needs.

We undertake all training at your premises, or on location as needed.

So if want to improve the quality of your employees photographic work, or you want to avoid the costs of hiring professional photographers and develop your in house capabilities, we can help.

Please call us on 0414 417 213 for a obligation free discussion and quote.

Photoshop Training – Photoshop is the industry standard image editing software package and we can get you started on the long journey towards mastery.

From beginners to intermediate, we can show you how to use Photoshop’s tool set in the most efficient and non-destructive way. As part of this training, we recommend that you be taken through the two accompanying pieces of software that come with Photoshop – Bridge and Camera Raw. Combined with Photoshop, they make for a very powerful workflow / image editing system.

At the present, this training is only offered on a private, in your home or office basis. Generally though, only a couple of sessions is enough to get you started on your Photoshop journey. It is not a program you can master in a short time, but learning the correct ways to work, and understanding the foundations of the program is the most essential knowledge you can gain. From there you can continue on, learning at your own pace.

As a special offer, we are offering a Beginner Photoshop course, consisting of 1 x 3hr lesson in my office at Noosaville, for the price of $120! Follow up lessons are $60 per hour.

Digital Workflow Training -Digital photography workflow is essential knowledge for the modern digital photographer.

But many photographers have very bad habits or stumble around in the dark with their file management. Do you use a system wide rating for your images? Do you take advantage of the possibilities of embedded metadata? Can you find your best images very quickly? Do you know how to automate your processes?

We can teach what you need to know about Digital Asset Management and Digital Photography Workflow. Whether you are running a photography business and need to be more efficient, or whether you are just shooting for yourself and want to more organised, we can quickly see where you need help and devise structured lessons to quickly sort your workflow out.

As an introductory special, we are offering an Introduction to Workflow course, consisting of 1 x 3hr lesson in my office at Noosaville or at our studio in Maroochydore, for the price of $120! Follow up lessons are $60 per hour.

Professional Consultancy – If you are a working professional, you need to ensure your workflow efficiency is up to scratch. Time is money!

iTP can analyse your needs and workflow and help you increase your efficiency dramatically! From file organisation and efficient use of metadata to Photoshop actions and other automated processes iTP can streamline your workflow and increase your business efficiency.

Business consultancy is a two step process. Firstly, we visit you and analyse your workflow and processes and then come back a few days later with specific solutions tailored to your needs.

For this service we charge a flat fee covering the two visits and the tailored solutions. As an special offer, we are offering this service for $195! Normally the price is $250.