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Next WordPress Course - 6th of August @ Studio Level Eleven, Maroochydore

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WordPress Training Sunshine Coast – Creating and Managing WordPress Websites

This 5 week BYO laptop WordPress course (5 x 3 hours) will give you all the knowledge required to create and manage your own WordPress website.

WordPress is the most popular free CMS (Content Management System) in the world with over 70,000,000 + websites (yes, that’s right, 70 MILLION plus), and it is a great platform for your website or blog. With an easy to use interface, solid security, enormous extensibility and a massive online community supporting and developing it, it represents a very smart choice of platform, both for personal and small business websites.

With over 3 BILLION people set to come onto the Internet worldwide in the next 20 years, there could never be a better time to get started with website fluency. WordPress is a platform capable of growing with you, from a personal blog or site, all the way through to a global e-commerce site. Websites can be anything from an online brochure through to a multi-media publishing empire or a multi million dollar online store, but they all start with someone deciding to learn how to do it…

This course is suitable for people with basic to good computer skills. The better your computer skills, the easier you will find it.

Really a very good course and a highly enjoyable 5 weeks. Geoff was excellent and covered nearly everything in the huge list I started out with before the course. Although learning all the ins and outs of WordPress would take a lifetime, I feel that after a short 5 weeks I have a huge breadth of knowledge and would feel comfortable creating a website for myself from scratch. Geoff was very supportive throughout his sessions and has also offered a great rate for ongoing advice and training. I would recommend this WordPress course to anyone who has basic computer skills and is interested in either creating a new site or maintaining a current one.
Nichola Laycock , Events & Marketing Coordinator, Sunshine Beach Surf Life Saving Club

Among the many things we will look at are:

  • hosted vs self hosted
  • domain names
  • hosting
  • installation
  • offline development
  • code and structure
  • themes – free and paid
  • back end interface
  • options and settings
  • shortcodes and how to use them
  • pages and posts
  • plugins
  • widgets
  • media
  • images and graphics
  • menus
  • creating your pages
  • using html and css
  • blogging
  • updating WordPress
  • updating themes and plugins
  • backup
  • security
  • SEO
  • WordPress apps for iPads and tablets

Requirements: Please read carefully. To get the most out of this course, you will need:

  • a Wi_Fi enabled laptop (please ensure it is fully charged every week to facilitate comfort for all participants)
  • a domain name and hosting account for your website. (To ensure we don’t waste time, it is important that each participant gets this back-end stuff organised before the class. I am available to help you organise both domain names and hosting prior to the class by appointment for a small fee of $30)
  • if you really don’t want to have a live website at the moment, but just want to learn for later, contact me and we can arrange something.

If you are a total beginner with websites, and don’t understand the last few sentences, don’t worry. Start by reading my blog post on my photography and web design site, Photografica, called, How do I get a website? This will give you a basic understanding of the components needed for a website.

NB. Making a website is an ongoing process, so you might not get completely finished by the end of the course, but you will be well on your way.

Next course:

6th Aug – 3rd Sep
Please note that when booking, you will just be choosing the starting date.

For any more information, please contact Geoff on 0414 417 213.